Because every bite matters

About us

In my childhood memories, there is my mum in the kitchen creating moments for us that last a lifetime. I aspire to bring you the same joy that I felt when my mum made us nutritious Indian snacks.

london, bus, double decker bus
london, bus, double decker bus

Our Story

Growing up as a child in 1960 in London.

I remember as a child the dedication and the struggles of my parents back in those days. How my parents always made sure there was good food for us on the table and how they smiled, knowing we were nourished. I remember when the winter season came in and indulging us with winter warming foods would make sure we were healthy.

I remember so much love to offer. Oh, and the memories of our doors always open from day through to the night so people travelling from different towns to catch the train would not leave with an empty stomach. Our house was always filled with talk, laughter and the joys of people eating – everything served with a whole platter of love.

And so, growing up – i began to make methi pak and magaj during the winter season and tested my mothers recipe on my excited family and friends who truly appreciated it with their lovely views. Feedback poured in. Then… I felt it. I felt the love. The realisation… A simple act of eating good food can bring about so much happiness and joy, i cannot express into words. 

It creates moments. It brings families together. It makes the occasion.

How the idea began

However, it wasn’t enough. I needed more. I needed a whole house of people filled with smiles and laughter for enjoying my mothers recipes. 

INDIAN SNACK was born out of a desire to create fresh, high quality food with a whole tray of smiles. Using only the very best ingredients and a wish to serve everyone with all my heart – just like my mother did.

Indian Snack is now based in a small town called Dewsbury, UK where i strive everyday to bring families together, taking them on a trip to their origins with each bite exploding its cultural flavours onto your tastebuds. 

MY AIM is to make life so much easier for my customers through my local door to door delivery service.

I am so thankful that we have now been able to expand our horizons and open our arms to reach all the lovely people nationwide using this website and delivery services.

Without my customers support, I would not have been able to share my mothers soulful foods and for that, i will be forever grateful. 

It all started with a smile and I truly hope that I can always continue to serve my customers with a smile…

“Home is where the heart is”

"I have a small business that I love because I have a passion for bringing families together one ingredient at a time"
Indian Snacks Owner